As I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed the other morning, plopped down at the computer and slowly began slipping into my morning routine, I was struck by a song played on Spotify. I immediately felt a pang of flashback to my teen years. I hadn’t listened to Michael Jackson in forever. I was that kid that discovered his music after his passing, unfortunately.

I’ve always been intrigued by eccentric artists. This look was inspired by Jackson’s (HIStory album) era. I loved how he embraced chunky belts, armbands, sequins, hats, straps, patches, makeup–and of course golden shin guards. If Jackson could make his eccentric sense of style even more theatrical, he would.

So I guess you’re wondering where I got the shin guards, eBay of course. I swear the internet has everything. As for the makeup I wanted to keep it simple. I was going for that masculine feel with a mixture of black solids.

silver1 silver2 silver4 silver5