As I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed the other morning, plopped down at the computer and slowly began slipping into my morning routine, I was struck by a song played on Spotify. I immediately felt a pang of flashback to my teen years. I hadn’t listened to Michael Jackson in forever. I was that kid that discovered his music after his passing, unfortunately.

I’ve always been intrigued by eccentric artists. This look was inspired by Jackson’s (HIStory album) era. I loved how he embraced chunky belts, armbands, sequins, hats, straps, patches, makeup–and of course golden shin guards. If Jackson could make his eccentric sense of style even more theatrical, he would.

So I guess you’re wondering where I got the shin guards, eBay of course. I swear the internet has everything. As for the makeup I wanted to keep it simple. I was going for that masculine feel with a mixture of black solids.

silver1 silver2 silver4 silver5

no rules

There’s something about tip-toeing along the thin line of feminine and masculine style. Androgyny is not trying to manage the relationship between the opposites; it is simply flowing between them.

Any trend that permits to rebel against strict gender rules of appearance is going to make the world a more expressive place.

F1F3F2F4Top/pants: h&m, Shoes:forever 21, Suspenders: hot topic.

The Jumpsuit

Ahhh yes, the jumpsuit. A very misunderstood piece of clothing. But when done right they can be the ultimate in slouchy, cool-girl ease, or big-night-out sophistication. I typically prefer solid colors for a jumpsuit; say black or white. Only because it’s the easiest to style. You can never go wrong with a classic and elegant piece 😉

Photos by Monse Zamora @zesnom

Jumpsuit/shoes: Forever 21

SF15SF16 SF17 SF20

A Day In The City

When it comes look-books I typically tend to go for a “theme”, but this time I went with the flow. As Monse and I were exploring San Francisco we visited the Tiled Steps project, Precita Eyes murals on Mission, and De Young Museum. So much culture and art to be seen. Definitely spots you NEED to hit up. As for the looks I went with my trusty overalls from h&m and some killer streetwear attire. (full outfit details down below).

Photos by Monse Zamora @zesnom


Outfit details:

Overalls look: overalls: h&m, t-shirt: forever 21, converse

street style: plaid pants/ shoes: forever 21, black top: thrifted, cap: h&m


Hello beautiful people!

This edition is all about the unique combination of effects lace provides. Enchanting, grace, and romance. The delicate fabric can be manipulated and worn in a number of ways to accomplish different looks. From winter white to dark & edgy. Giving you that incredibly feminine feel. Ahhhh yes, best of both words! 🙂

Photographed by Monse Zamora: @zesnom

b1 b2 b3b4 b5 b6b7w3 w2w4w6w5w5w7

Outfit details:

black lace: skirt, blouse, long neclace: forever 21

White lace: dress, scarf: forever 21


I suppose the story behind my fringe fascination was really observing any reform of movement. From seeing it on the runway to looking through my mom’s cookbooks and finding shredded carrots as a resemblance. I’ve always loved the idea of styling one staple piece into many looks. Especially fringe since it’s known for such effortless grace and personality.


Details: Black Jacket: Thrifted, Fringe Dress: Forever 21, White button up/Pencil skirt: Thrifted, White coat: Forever 21

Metal Lover

There’s something about a dark metal look that will always catch my eye. I feel like it’s my duty to capture the toughness of the city and the lax suburban lifestyle. With just a few pins and a band t-shirt. You can get away with anything 😉


Jacket: Thrifted/Custom Made, Shirt/Jeans/Boots: Forever 21

The White Harness

A harness instantly transforms the feel of an ensemble. It makes anything look badass while adding a throwback to punk culture.

White6White5White2White7 2

Jeans/Shoes: Forever 21, Jacket/Button up: Thrifted, Harness: (Search for leather bra section) 🙂


As far as the harness evolution goes I wanted to transform the look and experiment WITHOUT leather. The designer who truly opened my eyes on cross body attire was Zana Bayne. I find it interesting how she took the harness look and made it more elegant and fierce. As appose to the stereotypical bondage look.

As for my vest I wanted to create a statement. It’s about observing something that is happening in reality and forming your own thoughts about it. You don’t have to “understand” it. Nor is it meant to entertain you. The chains are meant to relate to the message. Which go far beyond painted words.

Jeans: Forever 21, Button up: Thrifted, Vest: Thrifted/Custom made.

Pearl Love

“Fashion is an applied art. Yes, it’s a piece of clothing people are going to wear, but there’s an artist’s eye at work in a lot of fashion. If you think about it every piece of clothing is just a roll of fabric. Until it is constructed to fit your everyday mood. It’s almost like putting armor on a woman. It’s a very psychological way of dressing.”- Alexander McQueen


Coat is thrifted. Colar and hat custom made. 🙂